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Covering the complete exterior of your home doesn't consist of just one component.  It is made up "layers" that interact together to provide you with a weathertight home, ease of maintenance, and to be astetically pleasing.  

When it comes to your homes complete weather barrier, it is extremly important to adress the WHOLE scope of each project


Your homes exterior consists of Organic and In-Organic materials, which all wear differently.


Organic Materials are extremly important in your homes structure, but when subjected to moisture or water, decay rather quickly.  Though when kept dry, these materials are allowed to breathe naturally and can last for a very long time, while being structually sound.


In-organic Materials are used to provide a barrier from any moisture to any Organic Material to prevent such rot and decay.  It is extremly important there there is an In-organic barrier on your home, wether it be a Building Wrap such as TYVEK or similar branding, or a Rigid Foam Insulation.  Care must be taken to make sure all seams are taped, to ensure a complete weather barrier.  These both offer advantages and dis-advantages, but when used in conjuction with each other, they perform incredibly. 


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Highlighted Project #1

This Single family home was built next to a beautiful park and water habitat, but was also built with cedar siding. The number of repairs because of the animals are incredible. While tearing off the siding, a family of woodpeckers was found living in the wall of the home.

The updates consist of tear off of all wood siding and trim boards. Wrapping of the home with Tyvek and taping all seams to create a water tight barrier. All windows were taped with Grace Window Tape and wrapped with custom bent aluminum.  All exterior trim boards were MiraTec composite material, and the siding was James Hardie Cement Fiberboard.

Job Specs:


Cedar Siding and Trim



Housewrap: Tyvek

Trim: Miratec Composite

Siding: James Hardie Color Plus

Aluminum: Alcoa Wood Grain Custom window wrap

Accessories: Doorbell, Lights


With the use of Cement Fiberboard siding, the home is now woodpecker free, and will be for years to come. Cement Fiberboard is a product that is made to last for many many years when applied correctly, and is naturally a woodpecker deterrent.

Give your home the distinct look of Cement Fiberboard Today!

Highlighted Project # 2

This homes remodel consisted of removing old siding, soffit and fascia. Then applying 1/2" Insulation on the exterior and taping all seams for a complete weathertight seal. Followed by Vinyl Siding, Aluminum Soffit, Aluminum Fascia, Custom Bent Aluminum Cladding on existing windows, Installation of a new Patio Door, and a Feaux Stone Veneer along the front. Last to be added were new gutters and downspouts.

Job Specs:


*Aluminum Siding, Soffit and Fascia

*Wood Siding


*Patio Door

*Gutters and Downspouts



Housewrap: 1/2" Foam

Siding: Heartland Vinyl Siding,

Nextstone Feau Stone Veneer

Aluminum: Rollex soffit, fascia, custom window wrap, and accessories.

Patio Door: Pella

Accessories: Doorbell, Lights, Address Plaque