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Roofing and Skylights

Roofing is a very important aspect of your home.  Every homes roof has its own characteristics, that make them all unique.  Just because you have the same roof plan as your neighbors does not mean your roof is the same as his.  Lots of factors play into the health, and longevity of your homes roof, such as:

  • Products used
  • Installation practices
  • Insulation and breathability of attic
  • Location of venting, flashings and any obtrusions through the roof
  • Sun Contact and Weather Impact


Skylights are an incredible way to add natural light to your home, along with a "WOW" factor.  From operational skylights to Sun Tunnel Skylights, there are dozens of options to fit your home. 


From small repairs to complete homes, RHR has the experience to make your roofing problems go away. 


Highlighted Project #1

This single family two story home was in rough shape before we arrived.  The updates to this home were extensive, as there were 4 layers of roofing material including wood shake and a 4 foot brick chimney to remove.  Prepping of the roofing surface consisted of installing new 7/16" OSB sheeting, Ice and Water Shield to the bottom 3 feet and up all walls and 30lb. felt paper underlayment to remainder of roofing surface.  New step and wall flashing, galvanized valley metal, soil pipe boots, ridge vent at peak of roof for venting, aluminum gutter apron on the bottom edge and aluminum drip edge applied to the side edge.  30 year Architectual shingles were applied to the surface to finish. 

Job Specs:


*3 Layers Asphalt Roofing Material

*1 Layer Wood Shake Roof Material

*4 foot brick chimney

*Rotten boards



*7/16" OSB sheeting

*Ice and Water Shield

*30lb. Felt Paper

*Step Flashing, Soil Pipes, Valley Metal

*Gutter apron and Drip Edge

*Ridge Vent

*30 yr. Architectual Shingles

With the updates done to this home, it is safe for many years to come.  With any more than 2 layers of roofing material, you are posing a risk to yourself and others in the home.  The enhanced breathability of the home adds to the life of your roof, life of your structure, and prevents against mold and mildew due to improper ventilation. 


Please refer to these Local Build Codes to make an informed decision:

Ice dam protection:

SPS 321.28(4)(a)(a) Shingled or shake roofs that extend over a heated area of a dwelling or attached garage and that have a slope of 4:12 or less shall be provided with ice dam protection in the form of sheet metal or a product labeled as meeting the requirements of ASTM D 1970.
SPS 321.28(4)(b)(b) The ice dam protection shall extend at least 30 inches up the roof slope from the roof edge and at least 12 inches up the roof slope beyond the inner face of the exterior wall.


Reroofing:  New roof coverings may not be installed over existing roof coverings where any of the following conditions exist:

SPS 321.28(6)(a)(a) The existing roof or roof covering is water-soaked or has deteriorated such that it is inadequate as a base for additional roofing.
SPS 321.28(6)(b)(b) The existing roof is wood shake, slate, clay, cement or asbestos-cement tile.
SPS 321.28(6)(c)(c) The existing roof has 2 or more applications of any type of permanent roofing covering.